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When Can I expect an XC4 family of modules?

Forrest 9 months ago in Expansion modules • updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 months ago 4

The MC41/42/43 looks like a great series of products, but I am reluctant to go with a 3 or 4 master system. When can we expect a series of expansion modules along the lines of the MC41/42/43? or am I stuck with the XA2 indefinately for current outputs?

we also  multi master with the MC4X and would love to see a expansions version of all three.

Since all that it would take to turn a master into an expansion would be software; maybe have certain CAN ID adress resistors turn it into a expansion module via internal software,. Another posibility would be to have them ship with expansion programs that could be reprogrammed into becoming masters as needed.

We just went from a multimaster system that used MC3s back to a one master (MD4) and XA2 system due to complications with getting our end users to flash software any time a module needed replacement. 

Love the simplicity and ease of service of the XA2. 

Would be nice if something equivalent was offered that used a easier to service electrical connector.

Will be answered

It is a bit too soon to post any time plans on the forum for this... let us get back to this topic in a short while.