When Can I expect an XC4 family of modules?

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The MC41/42/43 looks like a great series of products, but I am reluctant to go with a 3 or 4 master system. When can we expect a series of expansion modules along the lines of the MC41/42/43? or am I stuck with the XA2 indefinately for current outputs?


I just heard that it was coming at a recent trade show. Glad to get a date.


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we also  multi master with the MC4X and would love to see a expansions version of all three.

Since all that it would take to turn a master into an expansion would be software; maybe have certain CAN ID adress resistors turn it into a expansion module via internal software,. Another posibility would be to have them ship with expansion programs that could be reprogrammed into becoming masters as needed.

We just went from a multimaster system that used MC3s back to a one master (MD4) and XA2 system due to complications with getting our end users to flash software any time a module needed replacement. 

Love the simplicity and ease of service of the XA2. 

Would be nice if something equivalent was offered that used a easier to service electrical connector.

Will be answered

It is a bit too soon to post any time plans on the forum for this... let us get back to this topic in a short while. 


Good news, the IQAN-XC4 modules are coming soon. We are finalizing the product documentation at this moment and as a preview we are launching IQANdesign 6 that will have support for IQAN-XC4 units at the Bauma show. Official software is planned to be released in June.


If the IQAN 6.0 software is planned to be released in June, when will the modules be available?


IQAN-XC4 modules will be available in the end of May so you can start prototyping with modules after that.


When will the product literature be available for the XC4 family of expansion modules?

We are finalizing the literature right now so before the end of May we should have it ready.


Unfortunately, I can't be at the Bauma show this year.

Is there any brochures, videos or pictures for XC4 and IQANdesign 6?

Hi Damian

Here is a solutions page, http://solutions.parker.com/IQAN right now just with a promotional video but we will add more info here about the solution when we get closer to launch in June.