When Can I expect an XC4 family of modules?

Forrest 2 years ago in Expansion modules updated by Johan Lidén (Product manager) 9 months ago 11

The MC41/42/43 looks like a great series of products, but I am reluctant to go with a 3 or 4 master system. When can we expect a series of expansion modules along the lines of the MC41/42/43? or am I stuck with the XA2 indefinately for current outputs?


Directional Motor Control with COUTs

Luke@ARI 1 year ago in Expansion modules / XA2, XS2 updated by DavidH 8 months ago 5

Hi all,

I'm thinking about controlling a motorized hydraulic pressure relief valve (the motor turns the pressure setting in and out) with two COUTs on an XA2 module. The motor was previously controlled with a couple of digital outputs and relays as an H-bridge. This is more of a XA2 hardware question; are the diodes necessary to protect the high side COUT as shown?:

Obviously only running either COUT A or COUT B at a time.

Or are diodes not needed?:




Externally Mounted Module, Diodes?

Lars Bolduc 5 months ago in Expansion modules updated by DavidH 4 months ago 2


We are going to be mounting an XC43 externally. The module and connector are rated for it, IP6K9K.

Has anyone else done this?

How does one go about neatly mounting external diodes for the digital outputs?

I need diodes that go between HS DOUTs to ground and between the pins of HS+LS DOUTS.



Incandescent lamp on XC23

Guillaume Fournier 1 year ago in Expansion modules / XC2x updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 1 year ago 1


I am using a DOUT LS on XC23 to drive a 12V incandescent bulb on an instrument panel.  In steady state, the lamp draws 85 mA.  I am getting an overload on this output when I try to activate the lamp.  I was able to temporarely solve the problem by using a 22 ohms in series with the load.  So I believe the problem is the inrush current of the lamp.  The instruction book of the XC23 clearly states that the LS DOUT "are designed to drive small loads, e.g. lamps and buzzers".  The example even shows a lamp being driven by a LS DOUT.

Can you explain if I'm doing something wrong.  If not, is there any fix available to solve this issue ?




External Mounted Modules

BLC 4 weeks ago in Expansion modules updated by DavidH 3 weeks ago 1

I'm being asked to mount modules external to the main enclosure, XC41's to be exact. So there will be an enclosure to mount the MD4 to but everything else will be mounting on the rock crushing machine. The power and ground for the modules will come from within the main panel and be fuse protected. The issue I'm having is trying to solve the ground and power that is supplied to the DIN's and DOUT's. Is there a way to cleanly create a ground line and power line to run along the machine and tie into for each necessary I/O? I was thinking of a isolated buss bar, or perhaps a two to one butt splice. Any ideas will help.


Expansion Module CANBus

Greg R 3 months ago in Expansion modules / XC4x 0

Our usual setup is an MD4 with an XC4X expansion module. But we end up using an MC4X because we need the CANBus available on the master module. It would be nice if the expansion module provided access to additional CANBus the same way it provides access to its IO.


What are the symptoms of a XS2/XA2 failure?

Forrest 5 months ago in Expansion modules updated by Lars Bolduc 5 months ago 1

What sort of symptoms might I expect with an expansion module failure?

Will D-outs become intermittent? 

would anything else become sporadic?

Are the modules smart enough to realize something is wrong?


XA2 no connect four red LED blinks

Anthony Sandoval 8 months ago in Expansion modules updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 7 months ago 2

I have an MD3 running a small program and an XA2 expansion module.   When connecting only power , GND , Can-H, Can-L and ID tag #3 to the expansion module I get a four red LED blink with no Orange/ Yellow.

No connection message on the MD3.    

The ID code in Iqan Deisgn is the same as ID tag. 


Hi Anthony,

I am glad it was just a case mistaken identity and the XA2 module was in fact an XT2 module !


XC-23 minimum input voltage

Guillaume Fournier 8 months ago in Expansion modules / XC2x updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 8 months ago 1


I have an H-Bridge that drives a DC brushed motor on 12V. I need to determine the PWM ratio being supplied to this motor by the H-Bridge. There is no other signal that could get me this information so I am contemplating hooking both sides of this motor to PWM inputs on the XC-23. Before doing such a thing, I looked at the signal using an oscilloscope. Basically, the signal is 0-12V most of the time but dips below 0V when the ON time finishes. The lowest voltage read with the scope is -11V for a short period of time.

There are no Absolute Requirements for negative voltages on inputs in the datasheet of the XC-23. What is the absolute minimum voltage that can be applied to a PWM input of the XC-23 without damaging it ?



Short Circuit Protection on XA2 DOUTs?

Ethan Zeman 11 months ago in Expansion modules / XA2, XS2 updated by Thomas Moberg (System support) 7 months ago 3

Pardon me if this information is already readily available but am having trouble finding it.

If the wiring for an XA2 DOUT is shorted to battery is there an internal protection strategy in the module that will protect the XA2 from being damage?