Connectivity Question - MDL2 and MD4

Nick Pridham 6 years ago in Gateways updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 years ago 1

I would like to define a common remote connectivity solution that works across MDL2 and MD4 machines. 

Will G3 work on both?

I can open up an MDL2 application file in IQAN Design 5.03,  add a G2/G3 modem, connect them both to a diagnostic bus and save the file.  

Will IQAN connect work properly ?


IQAN-MDL2 still existed as a legacy module in version 3.19, and there the IQAN-G2/G3 module exists. 

You can open the file and save it in version 4 and 5, this is to help with the conversion, but there is no firmware support for MDL2 since version 4. The project check will show the error module not supported. 

IQANconnect was added in version 4.