IQAN-G11, IQANconnect & IQANsync ready for production

Johan Lidén (Product manager) 7 years ago in Gateways / G11/G12 updated 7 years ago 0

IQAN-G11 is now available to order. In combination with the IQANsync app and IQANconnect service this offers a very cost efficient remote diagnostic solution.

Image 570

Detailed IQAN-G11 information available at: http://ph.parker.com/us/17616/en/iqan-g11-bluetooth-adapter

IQANsync app available for both iOS and android. Links to apps from http://www.iqan.se/store/ click on IQANsync

IQANconnect connections can be purchased from http://www.iqan.se/store/ click on IQANconnect.

User manual for IQANsync / IQANconnect:

User Manual IQANsync and IQAN-G11 HY33-8416-UM_UK.pdf


G3 GPS as speedometer?

Kevin 6 years ago in Gateways updated by Eric Gustafsson 4 years ago 2

Is the G3 GPS capabilities precise and quick enough to act as a speedometer for a vehicle?

We normally fit standalone GPS speedometers but could reduce costs if we fit a G3 as a substitution. Has anyone done this before?

Not reproducible

firmware g12

chuck streb 6 months ago in Gateways / G11/G12 updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 months ago 7

i am starting to use the g12's for the first time. they freeze in the middle of uploads.

do you have ability for updates and how do you do it.

we probably bought about 20 of these


Bluetooth connectivity with non parker apps

David Schulte 2 years ago in Gateways / G11/G12 updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 1

Is there a way to:

- customize the iqango app to show the customer logo (remove Parker)

- interact with a 3rd party app to adjust and measure


Installation Instruction IQAN GT-Modem

Andy Pauly 2 years ago in Gateways / GT updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 2

Systems near each other with G11

chuck streb 2 years ago in Gateways updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 2

Our product usually will sit next to each other in the field.

How do we ensure we are talking to the correct G11 when logging on?


The discovered G11's will also show whatever was set as the 'Machine ID' that can be set through IQANrun


GT Gateway Internet Connection over WiFi

Alex Macintosh 2 years ago in Gateways / GT updated 2 years ago 4


I am a mechatronics engineer working for a company manufacturing service trucks and grease pump systems used in the mining industry in Australia. My role is writing the IQAN software as well as testing and commissioning the finished machines. We have an IQAN system (MD4-7 + XC41) installed on a grease pump system with a Parker Modem (PSVG-IQAN-C2E1M3W1U1) for telemetry. We have installed this modem and have even placed orders for more through our local Parker rep with the understanding that it has WiFi capability, however I cannot get this to work and it only seems to acquire an internet connection on 4G. Specifically, I cannot sign into the WiFi client tool even though I have administrator rights on parkermobileiot.com (I have no problem logging in and have set up the users. templates and widgets and receiving data without problems over 4G). The mine sites where we are testing this out next week all use WiFi and feedback from our sales rep suggests WiFi meshes are a general trend for all sites in Australia where 4G access is limited or not available. Ideally, I would like WiFi to be working by next week so we can demonstrate our device - is this possible? If not, when can I expect WiFi to be working with these modems?

Look forward to your response. Thanks in advance.


GT portail and agreement

Adrien Léauté 2 years ago in Gateways / GT updated by Jos Lentfert 2 years ago 1


We are a Parker Store looking to test drive a GT (IoT) on one of our machine we resale (Forestry Equipment)

I notice there is a trial version for 6 month and that will be perfect to run the test (Part#165341)

Image 3015

I open the portail link and it ask for a password (Login), is that Login the same as PHConnect or do we get a Login following our purchase on PHConnect?

Image 3016

Also it says a set up need to be perform for each Gateway (Master Tag) and it require a special agreement. Can this agreement be set with local Parker sales or how does it work?

Image 3017




Gateway Baudrate Configuration within IQAN (j1939)

Seneca 2 years ago in Gateways / GT updated by Hector Rodriguez 2 years ago 3
In our application, we are using a Parker Gateway (4G PSVG-IQAN) to talk with a standard J1939 CAN bus.
On some vehicles, this ends up being a 500k CAN bus. By default, the device supports 250k J1939.
We then have to then keep track of this difference, per vehicle, and if we ever send a service part, I have to know in advance and spend more manual effort to have the gateway updated before it gets plugged in.
Is there a way to make an improvement to the current "Ask Parker for Firmware update" process that is not self-service??
Best Possible Solution: Have the gateway be auto-baud rate and not send any data packets on J1939 until it listens for the bus speed... i.e. it will then support 250k/500k without user configuration.
Alternative Solution: Have the gateway with a software-configurable j1939 baudrate which is a configuration parameter that can be set within the IQAN environment... I still would have to keep track, but at least I could be in control of the change-over and not dependent on an OTA update from Parker directly.
Anyone else with this challenge?
We would gladly pay to have this feature developed in a timely manner.

G11 on two non multi-master MD4s

Pawel Pekala 3 years ago in Gateways / G11/G12 updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 1

Is it possible to have one G11 module to handle two MD4s on non-multimaster applications if G11 is mapped on both diagnostic buses?