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National Instruments are phasing out the USB-8473 connector and  recommending the  USB-8502 unit as a replacement, has anyone verified that this unit will work with IQAN?


I have tested some basic functions with that adapter and IQAN 5 and had no problems with it.  Send Project, Get Project, Measure, etc.

Thanks Edward 

Have you tried IQAN analyze? As some connectors do not seem to like this software.

Sorry, i did not.  I will check and see.


NI made their API compatible, we have the new USB-8502 here and it works with the IQAN software tools. I have updated the knowledge base article: 


Thank you Gustav

Have you tried the Peak  unit with IQAN analyze? This may be a slightly cheaper alternative as the NI unit is quite expensive.

Just read update !! Doh

Yes it does, thanks