G3 GPS as speedometer?

Kevin 6 years ago in Gateways updated by Eric Gustafsson 4 years ago 2

Is the G3 GPS capabilities precise and quick enough to act as a speedometer for a vehicle?

We normally fit standalone GPS speedometers but could reduce costs if we fit a G3 as a substitution. Has anyone done this before?

Hi Kevin,

I am on Parker's Mobile IoT team as an application engineer. I do not work with the G3 modem so I cannot answer to how you could implement with the G3.

However I wanted to let you know we have available in the US a Parker built solution (gateway + web platform). See link below for details. Contact your local sales company for availability in your region.


Just like the IQAN team we like getting feedback from users on what we can do to improve our products. Can you give some detail on how often you would require the gps speed to be updated (ie 100ms, 500ms, etc)?

We use a process to development similar to the IQAN team, by developing based on demand. We can't commit to including this functionality, we will place it under investigation and review.

I also wonder if (and how) this is possible!