Tsc1 Throttle Control interface

Josh K 5 years ago in Other updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 5 years ago 5

ISO a simple Tsc1 interface module that can convert basic analog throttle Inc/Dec input, to Tsc1 messaging output.  Don't really need/want a display if its possible to do with out one.  Please bare with me as i'm not very familiar with whats possible and whats not.  Thanks Josh

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You do not need to use an IQAN display.  You can accomplish what you need with an IQAN MC41, assuming the analog throttle signal meets the capabilities of the MC41.

Thank you Ed.  What is the approximate foot print of this device?  The input could be high or low, and could also supply an interlock input if required.  


Please see product link below:


The Instruction Book (Appendices) or CAD documentation should provide what you need.


I agree, the IQAN-MC41 should be perfect for this application. 

To send TSC1 out, the J1939 engine template in the solutions library would be a quick way of getting started.