Voltage input to MC2 from an amplifier

Efim S 5 years ago in Master modules / MC2 updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 2

Hello Team,

I've been working with potentiometers and parker sensors (pressure and temperature) before without any problems, but now i need to use a voltage output (0-5V) from an amplifier as a voltage input on my MC2. The amplifier is connected to a sensor and have a standard +- output. I've tried to connect + to one of the VIN-x and neg to -VREF (or to the common terminal on the power supply). Tried different combinations but the measurement mode on the MC2 shows zero input all the time. Multimeter measurements confirm that the amplifier output around 1V. Logically don't see why it should now work, but maybe you can advise how 3rd party sensors (amplifiers) are connected to parker systems? Thank you!


I've used amplifiers  numerous of times without any problems.

normally to convert 4...20 mA, 0..30 VDC (battery measurement) and  thermocouples 

Not on a MC2 but on MDL2, MD4, and expiation modules XA2, XS2.

I nomaly use the WAGO 857-xxx series or the Phoenix contact mini MCR series

I connect the 0...5 VDC - out directly to a Vin and the 0VDC directly to the Vref - (sometimes an extra connecting to the batt- is necessary, mostly for 3 wire 4..20mA sensors) 

Hi Ed,

Thanks for the tip! I was connecting like you did but could not get any signals. Found out that a few voltage inputs just did not work with this amplifier. Now I get the input, but it jumps all over the place. When it is expected to be 2.5V, the controller gives us 2.2-2.7V. Check the ground connections and other bits and pieces, but could not find out why it is happening. In any case, thanks for the reply.