Units not included in Design 6

Richard 5 years ago in Other updated by Ken Larsen 5 years ago 1

Just installed Design 6 and exploring the modules I noticed that some units we currently use such as, MC2, MD3, XA2, XS2 and MC3 are no longer included, when are these items going to be removed from sale? 

I obviously will not include them in any new designs but I was just wondering this as we have quite a few machines in production with these units going forward.

The XA2/XS2 are mature products introduced in 2005.

They are supported in IQAN 5.04 (soon to be 5.05), but because the old hardware does not support CAN FD or high speed, and SIL2 expansion requirements - it is not in IQAN 6.

The 15 year age of the modules does mean that we must plan for components used in their manufacture to go EOL in the near future.

The MC2 and MD3 are of similar age and have similar technology limitations. A planned phase-out timeline will be announced when it becomes necessary to retire these hardworking modules.

For any new design I would recommend moving to IQAN 6 and the MD4/MC4x/XC4x group of products.