Externally Mounted Module, Diodes?

Lars Bolduc 5 years ago in Expansion modules updated by DavidH 5 years ago 2


We are going to be mounting an XC43 externally. The module and connector are rated for it, IP6K9K.

Has anyone else done this?

How does one go about neatly mounting external diodes for the digital outputs?

I need diodes that go between HS DOUTs to ground and between the pins of HS+LS DOUTS.



Hello Lars

Above you can see the Diodes and Resistor we put in the harness. 

GF-HS = gelatine filled heat shrink: normally used on all start point=ultrasonic weld in the harness.
This makes is IP67 or better. Use the clear one so that you can inspect that there is no air bubble in the tube of the heat shrink.





Deutsch has some nice 2 pin connectors with molded in diodes and resistors:



(Or find the Deutsch distributor for your region and search for "DT04-2P-RT")