External Mounted Modules

BLC 4 years ago in Expansion modules updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 1

I'm being asked to mount modules external to the main enclosure, XC41's to be exact. So there will be an enclosure to mount the MD4 to but everything else will be mounting on the rock crushing machine. The power and ground for the modules will come from within the main panel and be fuse protected. The issue I'm having is trying to solve the ground and power that is supplied to the DIN's and DOUT's. Is there a way to cleanly create a ground line and power line to run along the machine and tie into for each necessary I/O? I was thinking of a isolated buss bar, or perhaps a two to one butt splice. Any ideas will help.


I would recommend the Deutsch DT04 series bus connectors. They are available in various arrangements up to 12 pin, and are well suited to the mobile equipment environment.