Replace one master in a multi-master system?

Jacob Eklund 4 years ago in Master modules updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 4 years ago 3

Hello, we have a multi-master system on a prototype consisting of a MC41FS and a MD4 on a prototype. We just we discovered a bug in the code for the MD4. We have had problems before with updating the code remotely (The system reports a Application not loaded state). Luckily for us we have a MC41FS and a MD4 at our office and a service trip planed, unfortunately I can't go and I am the only one with a IQAN-license . We where wondering if we can load the new code into the MD4 and replace the one on the prototype? or will this cause

some kind of master mismatch error? is it better to program both masters

and replace the whole multi-master system? Or will it simply not work?


I can't find the forum post, but it was said previously that if the checksum of the program matches on the two master modules they will work together. I've never tried replacing a single module using that information, but we've always had better luck sending service parts that have been programmed together or updating both in the field together.

To be able to share data on the diagnostics and master bus, the IQAN master modules must run the exact same version of the project file. The modules check this by looking at the Project checksum. 
If the project checksum doesn't match, you will have an error about System mismatch. 

Any time you make a change in IQANdesign, the Project checksum is updated.