Installing 2 x G11 in one application

Paul Dillon 3 years ago in Gateways / G11/G12 updated by chuck streb 2 years ago 3

We install a G11 in the cab of all machines but on larger units one person cannot calibrate the joysticks at the second control station or monitor feedback from the controls because the  bluetooth drops out of range.  We thought we could add a second G11 at the other control station but on checking the application it returns an error of 'Too Many Modules of this Type'.  Will/could this be possible in future versions? 

The G11 does not need to be added to the system layout in order to function with systems using IQAN 4.07 or later.  Therefore, you should be able to add the second G11 to the system and use it when at the other control station.


Adding two G11 modules to the same bus will not be possible

(there would be conflicts with CAN ID:s)

The better solution that will come is a hardware update of the G11 Bluetooth, with longer range (more information to follow)

What you might also consider is using a the GT gateway and connect to it locally via its WiFi. 


My understanding is the WIFI portion doesn't work