G11 on two non multi-master MD4s

Pawel Pekala 3 years ago in Gateways / G11/G12 updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 1

Is it possible to have one G11 module to handle two MD4s on non-multimaster applications if G11 is mapped on both diagnostic buses? 


No, this will not work with the G11, not when both modules with single-master applications are powered up at the same time. 

If you use a CAN card and IQANrun, and none of the single master applications have address 0 (headmaster), IQANrun will present a dialog to let you select the module you want. 

But IQANgo does not work in the same way and does not present this dialog. 

What you could possibly do as a workaround is to pull fuse out of the module you don't want to connect before connecting, so that there is only one master module connected to the G11.