MD4-5 replacing a MD4-7 Process

Myles Martinez 3 years ago in Master modules updated by pabbineedi rk 2 years ago 9

What is the correct installation process for this? This is new to me so i have limited experience. Customer has a damaged MD4-7 and we have a MD4-5 to replace it. Will i be required to run the IQAN software for the install procedure or will i be able to configure what i need on the the screen? Thanks in advance.

The module are not interchangeable. The IQAN application will have to be redesigned with an MD4-5 unless it was originally designed with both modules in it.

Ok. Perfect. If i can find the same unit MD4-7 then is it a plug and play at that point or is programming needed? 


You would need to send the application to the new MD4-7, but you wouldn't need to modify the application to get it to work. 

Which program is needed to send the application to the new unit? I appreciate the information very much.

Which program is used to send the application to the master unit? Just want to make sure i get the correct program. Thanks


You can use IQANrun, IQANdesign, or IQANgo. IQANgo is mobile app that is free, but you must purchase the G11 bluetooth adapter. Does the application you are sending belong to you? If not, there could be security restrictions that would prevent you from updating the master module.

Ok. No it does not. I reached out to the manufacturer of this seeder to ask if they have the application file. I should hear back today. Thank you for the information. I will keep you updated.  

I noticed on the MD4 unit it has T1E2. What info is this and what does it pertain to? Thanks

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I have issue regarding MD4-7 T1E2 during power on 

not working, the screen will be black , and also check voltage between C1.1 and C1.12   24VDC  okey

Please above given details i need some help..........

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