Availability of a high amperage expansion module?

Paul Summers 10 years ago in Expansion modules updated by Arno Heeren 10 years ago 1
Are there any plans to add a high amperage output module to the IQAN platform?  Currently, we use the J1939 functionality to control Pran Systems PR3510 modules (15 Amp per output) for lights, wiper motors, and other high current loads but it would make things much less complicated if we could control everything from within one software application.
Hello Paul,
For high current outputs Parker offers the VMM-Controller series. You can find the datasheets on iqan.com -->Controllers -->VMMxxyy, where xx stands for the number of inputs and yy for the outputs.
They are also connected to IQAN via J1939 and they require also their own control logic.
But maybe there are existing function groups for IQAN for integration of that modules?