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XC44 HS+LS Overcurrent Follow Up

CalebD 10 months ago in Expansion modules / XC4x updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 10 months ago 1

New post because I am unable to comment on the previous one. "Connection Error: error" is the pop up message when I attempt to comment. 

Image 2931

The relay cut the circuit between the HS and the coil. The function group containing the output is being turned off to avoid the open load errors. Open loads were not being reported. These overload errors were all investigated but no cause from this table was discovered. Is it possible that there is an open load condition that is displaying the wrong message? I could see a situation where the open load could be triggered by the estop and the program is too slow to turn the output in time. But that wouldn't explain the overload error when the relay was re-latched and the output was turned on.

It also seems strange to me that it would work without the errors on start up, but once the truck has been estopped the overload error always triggers.

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Ok, the disabling of the function group explain at least a part of the behavior you see. 

When disabling the FG, the DOUT deactivate. Diagnostics is still running, so when disabled all checks for output off are running. In IQANdesign you will only see channel status disabled though. 

At what events do you disable? Only before cutting the highside externaly?

Or also during normal deactivation of the output?