Diode suppression on XC21, 22, 23 outputs?

Kevin 9 years ago in Expansion modules updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 9 years ago 1

We are looking at energising automotive relays using the outputs on either the XC21, 22 or 23. Do we have to use relays that have diode suppression in parallel to reduce the risk of shortening the life of the output?


For an automotive type relay controlled by an XC21/22/23, it should not be necessary to use diode suppression in order to protect the DOUT.

We have not stated a maximum inductance in the XC21 instructions, only the max current. But the maximum would be around 150-180 mH or higher.

You may still want to use diode supression to reduce EMI that could influence other parts of the system, but it should not be needed for protecting the XC21 DOUT.