G3 Modem

Kevin 8 years ago in Gateways updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 7 years ago 6

Is there any information available on this module yet? We are finding the G2 modem is quite sluggish when downloading software updates over GPRS especially with MD4 displays.


Contact your local sales company, it should be available within a few weeks. IQANdesign 4.02 will have support for IQAN-G3. Planned for release late March/early April. Meanwhile, IQAN-G2 can be used in your project file.

I have been in contact with my local distributor and they have said its now in production. Is there a link to the installation manual? We are looking at using it on a project but i cannot find any information about it as yet.

Here is a copy of the instruction book


It will be made available on Parker.com/ecd in the near future.

Is the GPS functionality the only advantage over the G2 or are there speed increases as well?

Also what additional features does the GPS include and are these features only available through the Proemion site?

Besides the GPS functionality the G3 works with the 3G speed so there is a noticeable speed advantage over the existing GPRS G2 modem.

Remote diagnostics / IoT / telematic services are constantly evolving. The G3 gives new possibilities by utilizing the Proemion site. If you have a customer specific application you can issue a helpdesk ticket with more detailed information for further discussion.