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analogue (0-10 V or 4-20mA) output from iqan

andyr 9 years ago in Other updated by Jos Lentfert 10 months ago 11
would the software designers consider adding standard industrial analogue outputs (0-10VDC and/or 4-20mA etc) as outputs options aswell as the existing current outputs to enable interfacing to external third party hardware- only option at present is to do this via third party CAN to analogue converter modules via CANopen
Under review
Thanks for the request, it is very interesting to see that this is being requested from different users.
To have a solution for this, we would need to develop a different hardware, as the hardware we have for the analog power driver ouputs (COUT/PWM/SOUT) we have today cannot be used to create an output signal in the 0-10 V or the 4-20mA range.
Some (0)4-20 mA outputs would be good option, on other side only using resistor customers can make analog voltage signal to other controls or valves
Why do you sell the likes of the P32P pneumatic proportional valve with 0-10v / 4-20ma control input and output signal yet support no official control for it? We have a bad year trying to get this to work officially through your support team in Australasia. Trying to utilize these Axiomatic analog output modules is a headache at best. Your team here has not been able to get it to work. Coming from Schnider and Allan bradley we find ourselves comparably with no solution other than to go back to your competitor products.
How far away is the XC31?

How big is interest in having IQAN module with 0(4)-20 mA , 0-10 Volt or PWM output ? 

In my practice, there were at least two projects in which I had to abandon the IQAN platform due to the lack of analog outputs and problems associated with the availability of analog modules from other manufacturers and the difficulties of their integration. Of course, the analog output module would expand the scope of the possible application of the IQAN platform, but for me it is difficult to say how wide...


This issue has been kicking around for some years now. In our applications, we have successfully used CAN to analogue third party devices (from a manufacturer called Seneca in Italy) to provide both analogue and/or digital inputs and outputs. The first time iqan design integration is pretty simple for anyone who has done stuff with CANopen in iqan design. It would be much better of course if the designers could provide a module within the iqan range to avoid adding third party products into the application.


This should be developed as soon as possible. A new module for example with let's say 4 analog outputs.
Now i'm using the CAN to analog solution with 3:d party module but it is a lot of extra work.
Please elevate this matter. You would then be attractive to the industrial market as well as the mobile market.

I have successfully implemented parker PIO for a majority of this 0-10v and other various signals.

Working in the mill industry i find that we are coming across allot more devices that utilize high speed PWM. 

With efficiency being key there is more and more electro mechanical vs pneumatic and hydraulic requested. We have found the axiomatic gear to be out of the ball park with pricing and ironic that iqan supports high speed PWM in but not out? Like said earlier we have had to abandon iqan with a large majority of our projects due to its lack of flexibility. We try to utilize primarily since its better suited to our industry environments. We really hope there is serious consideration towards a solution . Im sure its a no brainier that will only increase sales and demand. 


Hello all IQANForum members.

There are multiple posts and request for IQAN analog output I/O extention modules on the forum. 

Output signals as 0 (4)-20 mA, 0-5 Volt, 0-10 Volt, high speed PWM signal output are requested.

Vote on this post if you are using or need analog outputs (module) in your IQAN Control systems.

Additional comments on required output signals and suggestions are welcome.