Interest for IQAN LSL Lever with Friction detend

Jos Lentfert 9 years ago in Levers updated by Nick Pridham 3 years ago 6
Are there more users that have interest in, or require, LSL Levers with friction detend
This for applications like throttle control, Drive control (speed) including forward/backwards, Speed control eg.

Late to this idea, but it is something we use in our neck of the woods for the fishing industry for controlling lobster haulers, and sometimes bow thrusters.

We have been able to use an alternative product which is very robust (and watertight below the flange, IP68S), but it lacks the dual path signal (which would be of great benefit for a friction device), nor does it have a center detent 'feel' (for which we manufacture our own retrofit device). We dedicate a TOC2 module for these designs and use the second PWM output to drive LEDs as a method of indicating when the joystick is not centered. Not an ideal solution, but it works.

Would love to see this too for the LSL. 

Or hear about what other people are having decent success with in this application. 



Request has been raised mor often, there are many more customers are asking for LSL with frinction detend option, Mainly for setting manually speeds on hydraulic motor functions in both directions

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We are also getting some requests for this type of joystick to control motors in oilfeild related units. Sure would be nice to have a friction joystick for these applications.

Hi guys, this topic has been brought up in the past and unfortunately due to safety concerns with Friction Detent type levers, at this time, it is not on their radar.   
There are other means such as end of stroke electric detent along with some Adjust group options on an MD4 screen which might be able to replace a friction detent. 

I think the Robert Ross comment from 5 years ago is a good steer for you Mike. If you look at Marine joysticks they have lots of options for this function. We have used a few different brands. Nick..