Interest for IQAN LSL Lever with Friction detend

Jos Lentfert 9 years ago in Levers updated by Nick Pridham 3 years ago 6
Are there more users that have interest in, or require, LSL Levers with friction detend
This for applications like throttle control, Drive control (speed) including forward/backwards, Speed control eg.

EMIC7 - Mini joystick with pushbuttons (LC6 base)

Niklas 6 years ago in Levers / LC6 0


We have developed a new joystick for heavy duty mobile equipment. The joystick with its customized grip comes mounted on a Parker LC6 base.



  • 3-axis analogue (X,Y,Z) all with dual sensors to provide a diverse signal redundancy.
  • 7 pushbuttons with good tactile feeling.
  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Light weight, only 200g.
  • Left and Right version


We have an “IQAN version” with pin assignment made for IQAN XC21 module so no extra wire harness adaptation is necessary. You’ll find that version on page 5 in the data sheet.


We are supplying this product to both small customers and larger high quantity OEMs. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want a quote for your project!

E-mail: info@hydraulkompaniet.se or phone +46 (0)90-121550


The joystick is developed, assembled and tested in Sweden. We ship worldwide!


Link to data sheet:



Link to our web shop where you can order them directly:





LM3D conversion kit

Niklas 2 years ago in Levers 0

Hydraulkompaniet in Sweden have put together a plug-n-play solution for replacing LM3D joysticks. No software update or wire harness modification is necessary in the machine. Just install the connectors and the LC6 with the mounting adapters. 

Its possible to use the 4th axis of the two LC6 joysticks to control extra functions on the machine to even add more value to this conversion. The MC41 have 2xCOUT that will be used in this case, the externa supply needs to be connectet if COUT is used. 

Link to the kit in our webshop:


Installation Guide:

Youtube video

LC6 Joystick VREF Connection

Kevin 11 months ago in Levers updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 10 months ago 3

I have an application that uses 2 x LC6 joysticks for driving a safety circuit. Primary signals are fed into MC41FS and secondary comparison channel into XC21. I used XC21 as there are not enough VIN into MC41 - 8 x 2 = 16VIN (we have space restrictions preventing bigger or multiple MC4 module).

Modules share the same power supply and are located next to each other, but power supply to joystick (VREF+ & -ve) comes from MC41 module. Secondary comparison VIN into XC21 has no VREF-ve. To prevent fluctuations on VIN on XC21 do I link VREF- between MC41 and XC21?


Connecting LST to MD4-5 or MC42?

Deanne 2 years ago in Levers updated by andyr 2 years ago 1

The setup we are working with has a 12V power supply. With our power supply being 12V, we cannot connect our LST to it as the max load is 5Vdc. Is it possible to connect the LST to the MD4-5 or the MC42 we have and get power from that?


LC5 Errors

Chris Litwin 3 years ago in Levers / LC5 updated 3 years ago 9

I have a couple questions about LC5 errors. In the instruction book it lists status safe state (Red) as repeated red blinks. What is safe state (red) as opposed normal (no errors). 

For the error codes under the module is offline section, what will bring the module back online for each error?


Replacement For Legacy IQAN-LM Lever Unit

Tim Reen 6 years ago in Levers / LC6 updated by Julio Caraballo 8 months ago 5


We have noted that the recommended replacement for the IQAN-LM-3D mini lever is the IQAN-LC6-X05 analog joystick, which has the same small size and 3rd axis option - combined with an IQAN-XC21 CAN module for the CAN feature.

Is it possible to directly interchange the IQAN-LM-3D with the combination IQAN-LC6-X05 / IQAN-XC21 on an older machine with an IQAN Develop platform (MDM system) in the same way the IQAN-LC5-C02 can replace an IQAN-LL unit?

Publ.no: HY33-8405-IS/UK is a good reference for changing out LL units, do you have a similar document for the LM?

It is neat that you can change to the latest generation of large lever unit without any application change, my question is can we do the same for the LM?

Thank you.


IQAN LST Wire Colour

Kevin 6 years ago in Levers updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 4
We have some old joysticks that we wish to use for a project, but we suspect the deutsch plug has been rewired from when it was delivered. Can someone confirm the wire colours to the corresponding function? In all the documentation i have come across (installation manual, instruction manual) it shows the pin number and function, no detail about colours so im unable to see if the wiring is correct.

Can anyone confirm the function of each wire colour please?

Hello Kevin.

  1. GND (Black)
  2. Power 5Vdc (Red)
  3. OUT-A (Yellow)
  4. OUT-B (Orange)

IQAN-LM 3D Models

Richard Staite 7 years ago in Levers updated by Johan Lidén (Product manager) 7 years ago 3

I am just using up a couple of Legacy LM - 30 Joysticks that we have in stock and I could do with a 3D model for it - I was just wondering if anyone has one?