Adjusting voltage of COUT on an MC2

Graham Walker 9 years ago in Master modules / MC2 updated 8 years ago 2
We are modifying an existing excavator for a technology demonstrator. We want to drive a proportional valve that was already on the excavator. We measured the voltage and current the machine was providing to the valve, and the peak voltage and current were 23V and .78A.

Using the COUT output from the IQAN MC2, I can adjust the current, but there does not seem to be any way to adjust the voltage. When we measure the voltage across the connector from the MC2, we only get 14V.

Any thoughts on how I can get the IQAN to match the output of the controller from the machine?

Thank you,
Hi Graham,
If you are controlling a solenoid valve, then it is only the current you will need to control. With the peak current being 780mA, you should be within the range of what you can drive with an IQAN-MC2 COUT.

The COUT is driving a current using a PWM. During the on-phase, the switch is open and you will have a voltage just below the +BAT level. The COUT measures the current, and regulates it by varying the pulse-width. This means that you will get the commanded current even when the supply voltage and load resistance varies. As long as you are not limited by the law of Ohm of course.

So if you set your max current to 780 mA, you should be able to drive this current, assuming that you have sufficient supply voltage to the MC2.


Thank you for this tip. I increased the amount of current I was sending out from the software and it worked. It looks like the PWM was giving me bogus diagnostic signals using a multimeter.