TOC2 mechanical adjustment issue

Markus Seppänen 2 years ago in Master modules 0


Recently I had to adjust ramp values on TOC2 system using by screwdriver.

The whole crane control system has two TOC2 modules and I succeeded to adjust the first one.

When I tried to adjust the second TOC2 module by pressing the push button, all A and B LED's start flashing but I couldn't choose the particular function by moving the control lever. It just stayed on that Auto select mode without responding to any movements. The crane moved anyway during the adjustments and at normal operation mode corresponding LED illuminated.

I connected the TOC2 to IQAN develop and ensured that "adjustable" button was enabled on output channel, and it was.

Also, something unexpectable happened after I got the program from the first TOC2 and didn't send it back nor changed anything on it. As a result, I lost the ability to adjust it by screwdriver anymore and the values were changed.

Eventually I managed to adjust correct values via IQAN develop but the mystery of manual adjusting is unsolved.

Has anyone faced this kind of problem before?

- Markus