Supported Radio controls

Antti K 7 years ago in Other updated by Richard Staite 7 years ago 1

Does anyone have experience to use proportional radio controls via ICP/J1939/CANOPEN. I'm interested about vendors which have radios which i can use in my project. 

I found that Magnetek radios have ICP protocol available but is there any other vendors.

How IQAN XR radio module is used? Can it communicate directly to some handheld radio or with receiver?

Hi Antti, 

Yes - I have used a Scanreco G4 System on several occasions and communicated with it exclusively via Iqan on Canopen. 

We needed to condition the inputs and provide a lot of interlocking, so allowing the radio to drive the valves directly was not an option. After a little difficulty initially in getting hold of the correct information from Scanreco we now find this solution to be very robust and it rarely presents any problems for us.