flexibility adjust and code

Masia Jean-Baptiste 4 years ago in IQANdesign 0


It would be really interesting to be able to assign parametrizable functions to certain settings which are for the moment, inaccessible with parametrizable functions or mathematical function in order to have more flexibility in writing. Here is a concrete case that I am facing more and more! I often have several machines at the same customer, which are very similar, but with some small differences. We would like to gather all the programs of the different machines in one and to come to select it by means of parametrizable function. Until then, there are not too many difficulties. On the other hand, sometimes some are equipped with outputs (current out) bidirectional or unidirectional. This choice can not be made other than by selecting yes or no. I did not find the way to associate them with a logic or function configurable.

It would also be interesting to be able to activate or deactivate a calculator by configurable function. Example: for the same customer, sometimes I will have 1 MD4, a Mc43 sometimes an MC41 and sometimes nothing. But each time, the same graphical interface. Basically, it would be really interesting to be able to associate with all the settings available in yes no, by mathematical or Tor or adjustable functions.