IQAN training courses 2021

Thomas Moberg (System support) 8 months ago in IQANdesign updated by ham m 2 months ago 1

Here are links to the scheduled IQAN training courses for machine designers in 2020

IQAN training schedule US

IQAN training schedule Sweden

-IQANdesign training including IQANsimulate and IQANrun

-IQANdesign online training including IQANsimulate and IQANrun

On request.

-Functional safety with EN 13849-1 and IQAN-MC4xFS



i have two iaqn mdl2. one in new status and blank and one in stock.

i connect to stock one by iqanrun2 and read it. but when i want "get application"

need password.

i create safe password in many ways. full access, login, limit access...

but problem didn't solved.

how can i get application and send it into new blank iqanmdl2?