IQANdesign plug-in module for P2/P3 pump controller

The Parker PCM Pump Controller Module is a is controller with a stand-alone an application for controlling a Parker eP2 or eP3 pump, developed by the Parker Hannifin Pump Motor Division.

Image 1357

The PCM can be controlled either with local I/O or via CAN, using J1939. 

In IQANdesign 5.00, a feature for for incorporating J1939 plug-in modules was added to IQANdesign. For the Parker Pump Controller Module, there is a plugin-module available here:

The plugin module implements the J1939 interface from an IQAN master module to the PCM, that controls the pump.

In the system layout, it shows up as a regular J1939 module:

Image 1354System layout

To use the plugin module, just add the individual signals that the application needs to the block diagram.

Image 1355PCM plugin module, only channels that have been added shown

The implementation of the J1939 signals is handled by the plugin. Each channel in the block diagram has a brief description explaining what it does, for a complete description, see:

Before using the plugin, it has to be added to the IQANdesign installation. 

To add the plugin to IQANdesign, open the library manager, add a category, and then add the .idmx file.

Image 1352Library manager

The PCM is based on an IQAN module, which makes it possible to use IQANrun to connect and diagnose the module in more detail when needed. More information about eP2/eP3 and the PCM is available here:

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