Molex MX123 connector

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For more in depth details on the Molex MX123 connector series that is used on e.g. the IQAN-MC4x-series, the Molex user manual is recommended reading.

The IQAN accessories repair-kit for Molex MX123 connector has a user manual with some more compact and specific information: 

Parker Hannifin IQAN tool kit for Molex MX1....pdf

IQAN-MC4x start-up

Use a separate switch when starting/restarting the IQAN controller, avoid using the Molex MX123 connector to restart an IQAN-MC4x module. What usually happens then is that the power pins make contact before the IdTag pins. 

This can be observed as the 3:2 IdTag error blink code on the MC4x module; when IQANrun is used for diagnosing it will give an error message indicating [No address tag]. 

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