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One of the options for enabling remote connection to an IQAN system is to make use of the GT module, the Parker mobile IoT gateway.

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In IQANdesign system layout, the GT (Gateway Telematics) represents a generic Parker IQAN Connect gateway.

This brings two features:

  • IQANdesign/IQANrun on-line remote diagnostics via IQANconnect, using the GT compatible gateway as a local CAN bus modem.
  • Remote monitoring – the system can be configured have the GT report machine data (J1939 and IQAN telematics) to a cloud-based service. Through the web portal, it is possible to set up alerts, track location and view selected signals. The web portal is accessed here:


For information on the telematics services, see:


There are currently two 4G variants of the the PVSG:

Image 1520IQAN-PVSG

-One variant with 4G LTE  frequency bands for North- and Latin America. 

-One variant with 4G LTE frequency bands for Europe, Australia and New Zeeland. 

Check in the IoT Gateway user guide that the variant has the LTE frequency bands of the region it will be used.

More info including a getting started guide is found in the IoT user guides, here.

"NOTE! Before the gateway can be used, there is a one-time set up of your organization in the system that must be done, involving a separate agreement. Please contact your local Parker sales representative.

Each gateway has a Master tag printed on it, this must be passed down to your organization before the gateway can be viewed in the IQAN Connect web portal."

Product support

More information such as training material, release notes, user manuals is found on the Parker Mobile IoT knowledge base. Get in touch with the team with the contact form for mobile IoT.

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