Functional safety

The user manuals for the IQAN-MC4xFS and IQAN-MC3 give instructions on how to use the modules in a way that fulfills the safety requirements.

What these manuals do not get into detail on is where to use safety certified modules.

One reason to select safety certified controllers is for machines that are to be used in Europe, where the Machinery Directive is mandatory. Here is an article explaining how the requirements on functional safety evolve as state of the art in changing.

To illustrate how the Machinery Directive and standards drive the development, and to get an overview of system design with IQAN-MC4xFS, this set of presentation slides can be of use.

Image 1798

IQANdesign video tutorials on the topic:

IQAN-MC4xFS tutorial part 1, redundancy and diagnostics

This tutorial on the Parker IQAN-MC4xFS functional safety controllers show how IQANdesign can be used to build up safety functions, focusing on the concepts of redundancy and diagnostics.

IQAN-MC4xFS tutorial part 2, safety related function groups

This second part of the tutorial about Parker IQAN-MC4xFS functional safety controllers show how IQANdesign is used when organizing safety functions in safety related function groups.

Also see the video on the Parker promotion page about functional safety in mobile machinery.

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