IQANdesign 5.05, problem if MC4xFS is combined with G2/G3 modem

There is a problem in IQANdesign 5.05 that can cause MC4xFS modules to be locked. 

The problem will occurs in this exact situation: 

-The project file contains a G2/G3 modem 

-The headmaster is an MC4xFS (single master or IdTag 0 in multi-master system)

-Version 5.05 is sent to the system

If this occurs, the MC4xFS that was headmaster in the system is locked. Bypassing the application using the IdTag won't help in recovering, if this happens the module has to be returned to Parker to be recovered. 

EDIT: Problem is now solved, see release notes for IQANdesign version 5.06

Previous text on how to avoid the problem: 

If you have a project file where MC4xFS is used in combination with G3, ways to avoid the problem are:

-stay on version 5.04 until there is a new version available


-modify the system layout so that e.g. an MD4 is headmaster 

(Must be sent to system before version update. MD4 as headmaster also has the advantage that remote connection dialogues can be presented on the display)


-remove the G2/G3 module from the project file. 

(In case the G2/G3 is no longer needed for legacy reasons, then GT module PVSG can be used. With GT instead of G2/G3, then system can also be upgraded to IQANdesign 6.x) 


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