IQAN-MD4-7 display update - use version 4.07.15 or later

A new display module is introduced in the IQAN-MD4-7. Due to end of life of the current LCD a new display module needed to be introduced. 

New modules are delivered with version 5.04.8; these can be downgraded to 4.07 but will only function with version 4.07.8 and newer.  

IMPORTANT: The unit prevents downgrading to SW version 4.06 and older. Downgrading to MD4 software version 4.07.7 locks the unit and prevents further communication. If a unit is locked it can only be recovered by Parker production.

It is recommended to use SW version 4.07.15 or later

Production start:
S/N US: 1914040014 (in production)
S/N EU: 1914280023 (in production)

Please see PCN for more details:

Parker Hannifin_MD4_PCN7432019-47631-2.pdf

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