Modules supported in IQANdesign versions

The table below show an overview of the IQANdesign versions that support the different IQAN master modules, expansion modules and gateways.

Module type Introduced Minimum version Up to and and including Comment
Master displays
IQAN-MD5-57.027.x and later
IQAN-MD5-87.027.x and later
IQAN-MD4-10 3.16 7.x and later
IQAN-MD4-7 3.10 4.07.12 7.x and later SN >1914MMXXXX
IQAN-MD4-7 3.10 3.14 7.x and later SN <1914MMXXXX
IQAN-MD4-5-M19 5.05 7.x and later MD4-5 in IQANdesign
IQAN-MD4-5 3.11 7.x and later
IQAN-MD3-M18 2.63 or 3.15 5.x MD3 in IQANdesign
IQAN-MD3-M15 2.63 or 3.15 5.x MD3 in IQANdesign
IQAN-MD3 1.32 5.x
IQAN-MDL2 2.04 3.19
IQAN-MDL 1.00 2.63 on MDL2 hardware from 2.04
Master controllers
IQAN-MC43FS-M247.037.x and laterMC43FS in IQANdesign
IQAN-MC43FS 5.01 7.x and later
IQAN-MC42FS-M247.037.x and laterMC42FS in IQANdesign
IQAN-MC42FS 5.01 7.x and later
IQAN-MC41FS-M247.037.x and laterMC41FS in IQANdesign
IQAN-MC41FS 5.01 7.x and later
IQAN-MC43-M247.037.x and laterMC43 in IQANdesign
IQAN-MC43 4.05 7.x and later
IQAN-MC42-M247.037.x and laterMC42 in IQANdesign
IQAN-MC42 4.05 7.x and later
IQAN-MC41-M247.037.x and laterMC41 in IQANdesign
IQAN-MC41 4.05 7.x and later
IQAN-MC31 3.11 5.x
IQAN-MC3 2.60 5.x
IQAN-MC2-M19 2.63 or 3.15 5.x MC2 in IQANdesign
IQAN-MC2-M14 2.63 or 3.15 5.x MC2 in IQANdesign
IQAN-MC2 1.20 5.x
Expansion modules
IQAN-XC44-M247.037.x and laterXC44 in IQANdesign
IQAN-XC44 6.00 7.x and later
IQAN-XC43-M247.037.x and laterXC43 in IQANdesign
IQAN-XC43 6.00 7.x and later
IQAN-XC42-M247.037.x and laterXC42 in IQANdesign
IQAN-XC42 6.00 7.x and later
IQAN-XC41-M247.037.x and laterXC41 in IQANdesign
IQAN-XC41 6.00 7.x and later
IQAN-XC21 3.03 7.x and later
IQAN-XC22 3.14 7.x and later
IQAN-XC23 3.14 7.x and later
IQAN-XC10 2.50 5.x
IQAN-XA2 1.00 7.x and later
IQAN-XS2 1.00 7.x and later
IQAN-XT2 1.00 4.07 From IQANdevelop
XR 1.00 5.x From IQANdevelop
3rd party module
GT 5.03 7.x and later Gateway names: 
IQAN-G11 /-G12 4.01 7.x and later
IQAN-G2 / -G3 2.60 5.x G3 compatible with G2
RS232 modem / IQAN-G1 1.00 3.19 IQAN-G1 compatible with generic RS232 modem.
Shown as module in version 3.
CAN joysticks
IQAN-LC5 2.05 7.x and later IQAN-LC5-C01
IQAN-Lx 1.00 4.07 IQAN-LM/LL modules. From IQANdevelop
IQAN-LC5-C02 / -C03 compatible with Lx

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