IQAN-MD3 recommended SW versions

Recommended software version:

We recommend all IQANdesign users of the IQAN-MD3 to update to:
IQANdesign 2.63 or later
IQANdesign 3.15 or later

In production, use IQANrun 3, 4, 5 or 6. 

IQAN-MD3-M15 and IQAN-MD3-M18 are delivered with version 4.07

To downgrade new modules from production (running 4.07) to 2.63,  IQANrun 3, 4, 5 or 6 must be used. 

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Any of these IQANrun versions can be used for sending the .ida file from IQANdesign 2.63.

Update 2019:

IQAN-MD3-M18 (part 20085160) 

The IQAN-MD3-M18 is a new version without USB. Except for the USB diagnostic connection, the IQAN-MD3-M18 is compatible with the IQAN-MD3-M15 and can use the same IQANdesign applications. 

Update 2015:

IQAN-MD3-M15 (part 20077793) is an updated hardware version of the original MD3 that requires a new software.

The previous version IQAN-MD3 (part 20072409) may also need new software. Modules with this part number produced after 2014 week 20 can have problems with the display if using older SW version.

Detailed description:

IQAN-MD3-M18 (part 20085160) 

This hardware is designed to be software compatible with IQAN-MD3-M15. It can use IQANdesign 3.15 and later and IQANdesign 2.62 and later. 

Older versions cannot be loaded to the module.

IQAN-MD3-M15 (part 20077793)
Support for this hardware was introduced in IQANdesign 3.15 (and in IQANdesign 2.62).

Older versions cannot be loaded to the module.

IQAN-MD3 modules (part 20072409) built after w1420
Requires a different power-on sequence for the display element, implemented in IQANdesign 3.14 and IQANdesign 2.61. With older SW versions, the display element may not start in elevated temperatures.
Earlier information about bios update to 1.04 as the solution was misleading, these module need both bios 1.04 and SW version 2.61, 2.63, 3.14 or later to avoid the problem.
The display on these modules do not work with IQANdesign 2.62

IQAN-MD3 modules (part 20072409) built before w1420
These module may use any version.

IQANSWUI_201520_1B - MD3 recommended SW versions.pdf

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