MD5 software, missing features and known issues

Current software limitations IQAN-MD5

IQANdesign 7.02 introduces support for new display modules 

  • IQAN-MD5-5 
  • IQAN-MD5-8

Some planned MD5 specific features and fixes were not ready on time for release, these will be included in later 7.x updates.

Missing features 7.02

-Support for MD5-10 and MD5-12, planned for 7.02.x update.

-Implement DPCNT channel, planned for 7.02.x update.

-Support sleep/wake functionality, planned for 7.x

-Support PDF reader, planned for 7.x.

Known issues 7.02.20

-Image transparency not working in portrait/flip mode. Fix planned for 7.02.x

-Static IP not working, planned for 7.03.

-Fluctuations in application cycle utilization and CAN timing, improvements planned for 7.03.

Planned MD5 updates 7.x

-Implement graphics acceleration.

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