1. Do I need a license?

You do not need a license to use IQANconnect.

2. What is an IQANconnect key?

The IQANconnect key identifies the system you connect to. The key is an alphanumeric text string consisting of 8 or more characters/digits, for example like this: V5TTF32A.
  • On a system that connects to IQANconnect via the Ethernet port, the IQANconnect key is unique to the master module. 
  • For a system connected to IQANconnect via IQAN-G1x and the IQANgo app, the IQANconnect key is unique to the phone/tablet that runs the app. 
  • In systems that connect to IQANconnect via the GT telematics gateway, the IQANconnect key is unique to the modem. 

3. How do I connect to a machine?

In IQANrun/IQANgo, you select to connect via the Internet. The connection dialog box that is shown will show all machines previously connected to it. It will also show whether each machine is online and available or not. You can either select one of the machines in the list or add a new one. To add a new machine you need to know its IQANconnect key. There are several ways to get a machine's IQANconnect key.

When the machine connects to the server via IQANgo:
  • You can read the IQANconnect key in the app.
When the machine connects to the server through the master module's Ethernet port:
  • If there is an IQAN display in the machine, the operator of the machine can find the IQANconnect key in the system menu.
  • You can use IQANrun to connect to the machine locally and get the IQANconnect key.

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