1. What is a license?

A license is a collection of connections. It will be sent to you as a text string and as a file. You can either enter the text string in IQANrun manually, or you can open the file to have it added automatically.

2. How do I obtain a license?

Licenses are purchased online in the IQAN Store.

3. What is a connection?
Connections are counted per machine and per 24 hours.
  • You connect to 5 different machines within 24 hours -> counts as 5 connections.
  • You connect to the same machine 3 times with at least 24 hours between each time -> counts as 3 connections.
  • You connect to the same machine 3 times within the same 24 hour period -> counts as 1 connection.

4. What is an IQANconnect key?
The IQANconnect key uniquely identifies one machine, kind of like the machine's "phone number". It typically consists of 8 upper-case characters and digits.

5. How do I connect to a machine?

In IQANrun, you select to connect via Internet. The connection dialog box that is shown will show all machines previously connected to. It will also show whether each machine is online and available or not. You can either select one of the machines in the list or add a new one. To add a new machine you need to know its IQANconnect key. There are several ways to get a machine's IQANconnect key.

When machine connects to the server via IQANsync:
  • If the machine is connected to the IQANconnect server via a smart phone running IQANsync, you can read the IQANconnect key in IQANsync.
When machine connects to the server through the master module's Ethernet port:
  • If there is an IQAN display in the machine, the operator of the machine can find the IQANconnect key in the system menu.
  • You can use IQANrun to connect to the machine locally and get the IQANconnect key.
6. Is the license personal, or can it be shared by several people?
It can be shared. This is beneficial if more than one person connects to the same machine within the 24-hour limit. It will then only be counted as one connection, regardless of how many persons connect.

7. If a colleague connects to the same machine as me, will that be counted as a new connection?
Not if you are using the same license and your colleague connects within 24 hours from your first connection.

8. Can I see how many connections I have used/left for my license?
Yes, in the connect via Internet dialog box in IQANrun you will find a link to a license detail dialog box.

9. Can I have multiple licenses installed?
Yes, you can, but there can only be one active at a time. You select which one in the license detail dialog box. Note: If you connect to the same machine twice using different licenses, it will count as two connections, one for each license, even if the connections are within 24 hours.

10. How long is the license valid, and what happens when it expires?
A license is valid 12 months from the date of purchase. Any remaining connections will be lost after that time.
  • You buy 100 connections on November 1 in 2016. November 1, 2017 you have used 98 connections -> 2 connections will be lost.

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