Service tool feature comparison

For the IQAN platform, there are two service tools; IQANrun and IQANgo. They are available in different versions and for multiple platforms. This article aims at clarifying the differences between these.

IQANrun for Windows

IQANrun for Windows is the original service tool that covers everything you need.

  • System info, status, and configuration
  • Log management
  • Measurement of I/O and internal values
  • Adjustment of parameters and calibration of I/O
  • Automation support through scripts
  • Software or settings update
  • System cloning
  • Project viewing
  • Full security support, such as password-protected files, PIN codes, login, and safe passwords

IQANgo for iOS/Android

IQANgo is a free app that is best described as a slimmed-down version of IQANrun. It covers most of the features that you get with IQANrun for Windows, except these:

  • Automation support through scripts
  • Project viewing

IQANgo also has a feature for connecting machines to the Internet: 

  • Remote assistance (make your machine available on IQANconnect using your smart phone's Internet connection)

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See attached file below for more details on features and differences.

Service tool feature comparison chart.xlsx

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