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Start screen when booting with large font (Chinese)

Ed Schippers 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Richard 3 years ago 5

When the display is booting with large font's like Chinese or Japanese the display shows a black screen for 10 too 30 sec

 (as already discussed in a previous post https://forum.iqan.se/communities/1/topics/902-start-up-md4-and-showing-start-display-with-delay-when-language-is-japanese )

Is it possible to extend the startup screen or some indication that the display is booting so that the operator does not see a total black screen and thinks it is broken.

I am having a similar problem on a fire application, again with Chinese text, with English text enabled I have a 5 second boot time, with Chinese I get a 15 second boot time. 

This is a problem for this application as I need to achieve a fully jacked machine ready for operation in under 20 seconds, with the jacking process taking 10 seconds to complete. 

Just a thought, not sure if this is posiible obviously -  as a work around would it be possible to add a feature where you can select the Chinese language in the background via the program as a vitual input after start up? I.e. the application starts in english with full functionality and then swops to chinese after a few seconds but remains on the operational page and does not black screen or stop functions.

Just a thought.

As a comment on the boot time, the MD4 is up and running the realtime functions (application logic and CAN messages) much quicker than this, these functions are running after about 2 second. 

What takes so much longer when using large fonts is loading the display pages.

Wait, you are not planning on operating the jacks from VDINs, are you?

All motion control must be done via physical inputs. 


Hi Gustav, I hope you are keeping well

No definatly not, the screen just shows the position of the jacks plus information on level of the base, just graphical images with text, all inputs are via physical push buttons external of the screen. 

 If we boot up with English text enabled 5 seconds, with Chinese 15 seconds. I have tried to persuade them to just have images and no text, but the customers prefers to have lables as well.