Zoom tool in IQANdesign

Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 10 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 years ago 11

It would be nice to be able to zoom in and out in the function group view and the system layout view.

First requested at the IQAN Brain Storm meeting in 2003/4. It took you about 5 mins to stop laughing!!
Under review
You have good memory Nick! But, better late then never, as they say 😄

Still no Zoom feature it seems... I really love the IQAN design IDE, it just gets a bit hard to navigate when there is a lot happening inside the program and you are only equipped with a 15" laptop out there in the "field". On my 27" Imac it works brilliantly where I can see the whole program laid out which makes the construction is easy to trace, but then opening that same program on another computer with a 22" monitor navigation starts to become a bit tricky and the program feels as if it's all over the place.

If it was only possible to have a CAD like zoom feature where a person only has to point the mouse cursor and roll the mouse wheel to zoom.  

Really hope this will be possible soon.

I agree. this would also be very help full in the screen editor.

Zoom-tool in the display page editor implemented in version 5.02

I sometimes change the resolution of 1 monitor and switch the application between the 2 to solve this. Which in 2017 seems pretty funny that I have to do this. 


Thank you so much for this great 5.02 update, it really helps greatly being able to zoom in/out on the "display page editor". I did notice though that it only works for the MD4 displays but not yet for the MD3's.

Also, what I was really hoping for was having this type of zoom feature in the "Application Logic" work area. 

I like to group my programs into nested clusters and function groups, which obviously helps keeping the program's structure and layout neat and easy to read, but some programs can become quite complex with additional features and functions clustered all over and working together, that is when it becomes very crowded in the "Application Logic" work area and becomes problematic/frustrating especially when switching between computers while working on the same project. For instance I have no problem using IQANdesign on my Desktop PC with the larger displays (that's where I normally start developing the software and run simulations), the problem comes when I have to use a laptop to debug or alter the software on the spot, this is where I waste a lot of time and energy just orientating and panning all over the place trying to trace, find and check certain connected channels which feels scattered and cluttered all over on the smaller display. 

If it could only be possible to actually zoom out to get a full view glimpse of all the channels and function groups nested on the entire working area and then to be able to zoom in where the mouse cursor is pointed.

Anyways thank you guys for this current update, it already makes a huge improvement just to be able to zoom on the graphics area. 

This IDE is just getting better and better with each update... Thanks for keeping it up guys!!!

Thank you for your input. I agree this would be a nice feature for IQANdesign, and it is still in our backlog.