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I have an adjust item integer parameter that is user definable through a MD4. The value varies from 50 to 112. I want to display that value in an interactive message. The interactive message shows up when the integer parameter is different from what the previous value was. The previous value is stored in a memorizing channel. The problem I am having is that as soon as the adjustable integer parameter is changed, and it is different from what is in the MEM channel, the message grabs that first different value to display in the message. For example, the default value is 112 and I want to change it to 105. The message comes up and says 111 instead of 105 because it took the first different value. Is there a way to make the adjust item parameter only change values if you press the check mark to confirm?

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When using the MD4 menu system, the adjustment of parameters is always done online, with the values updating instantly. 

In IQANrun, you can either use the up-down arrows (values update instantly) or type in a value (values update when pressing enter) 

There is a suggestion on adding a number-pad as an option for adjusting parameters also on the MD4, here:  


Gustav, regarding to this question. I been trying to create a list of adjust items for an MD4 with D5, but I'm stuck at the end of the process because all my items are shown with a lock (during the simulation).


All of them (function parameters and current out) are in a corresponding Adjust Group and I believed I have configured properly (channel, visible, enable, min, max, etc...)

What step could I be missing or I'm doing wrong?

Do you have any suggestion?

If you try and open the adjust group, does it ask you for a PIN code?

Yes, it does (I configure "PIN code" value from "not used" to a PCC). I enter the pin and then, nothing happen, all my adjust items are locked.

Where should I place the "Pin code channel"? at the beginning of the application? (master)


You do not have to use a PIN Code Channel for an Adjust Group.  You can directly enter a PIN into the Adjust Group property.  There are some advantages since you can create a dynamic PIN using the channel.  I believe you can place the PCC anywhere in a master module's application.  I tested this in the base application area.

Are you sure that the adjust item is enabled?  I believe if it is disabled (either by the specific property for the adjustable item or contained within a function group that is disabled), it will hide it from the menu.


You were right, something keep my adjust items visible, but locked. I couldn't figure out what it was so I decided to create a new project and then, the problem disapeared. All my adjust items are editable now.

Thanks  Edward  for your time and to point me to the rigth direction!