touch number pad for adjusting parameters with MD4

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using MD4 to adjust function parameters within adjust menu, could a pop-up touch number pad be made available as an option to enter a new value rather than scrolling which can take a long time if the adjust range set is wide with a small increment step number

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I would like a number pad too.
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This could be a nice option. On text parameters, the way they are entered now is via a touch keyboard

For adjusting e.g. function parameters, I am guessing it would be an option if they should be adjusted wtih +/- buttons or if a popup number pad should show up. Or alternatively, clicking on the value to get a popup or a second page with the numeric touchpad.

Any idea when the alphanumeric keyboard will be available? We are using IQAN in an industrial application and would like to be able to enter alphanumeric serial numbers.


This already exist on the MD4. What you need first is a Text Parameter channel. Add it to an adjust group, and you can adjust it with the keypad shown above, from the adjust group. 

Of those options for the function parameter, I like the option to use a keypad for what is worth.
The keypad configuration is intuitive. People have muscle and cognitive memory with the interface.
Pretty sure that keyboards with number pads sell more than those without as a data reference.

I agree touch pad would be very useful. Should also apply for Pin code wheel. Slider look nice but on a moving ship it is not always easy to scroll in straight line.


Was this feature released in 4.0?

No, this was one of the features we did not have time to add in version 4.00

I also would like a numeric keypad for adjusting parameters or entering PIN values. I had to create one from scratch, but having it built in like the text keyboard would be a tremendous help.

Would you be willing to share how you created a numeric keypad. I have a current application that could really use a direct keypad input.


Hello Mark.

I made an example of how to do a PIN code key pad a while ago.

You can have a look at this application file to see if it something you can use.

Pin code.ids4


Your Pin code.ids4 file helped me a lot, I could add it to the system.

Only bad matter is indeed the adjustment of the Pin code Function Parameter Channel.

Takes long time, sometimes more than 30 seconds, to change it in the requested value, so you have to touch the + or - button several times to adjust.

Can't the FPC easily be replaced by a text parameter channel or a text formatting channel, then you autom. have a keyboard to change PIN. I have tried but didn't manage.

This is planned for a later release, hopefully later this year. Meanwhile, for those of you that haven't found out already, the + and - buttons are repeating and will accelerate if you keep them pressed down. May help until you have a key pad.

Already found out, thanks, have to be patient then

I'm using the MD4 display for an educational purpose, So in the MD4 I have some questions to be answered by the student after running some experiments, Can I give the users the opportunity to answer that question in the MD4 by using a touch keyboard? And then save this answer and export it to a file. I'm currently using the IQAN design 5

Let me know 



Keypad adjust for menu system is now available in 5.05

Soon to be released together with 6.01 also. 

I had this problem come up today. I went to use the number pad for an adjustment but the numbers appeared as **** as shown in the photo. I checked 3 or 4 different adjustments and then all appeared this way. I could still use the numebr pad to make adjustments just the displayed numbers always showed up as *'s instead of numbers. I restarted the MD4 and the problem when away. 

The program was made in IQANdesign 6.06

There is a bug in the original 6.06 version that apply the function for hiding PIN codes also on adjust items and date/time settings. Will be fixed in a new 6.06.x release. (also reported here)


This is a great improvement ...however having to backspace the original number is time consuming and is not really intuitive - you should just need to type the new number and hit ok.  Maybe add this for a future request.

I agree completely with Michael.  BUT, we also have another issue.  We have some negative parameters.  The only way we can modify them is to make sure we do not erase the - sign when we backspace on the old value since the - sign is not an option.... I would prefer to just be able to enter the new value as suggested but we need to add the +/- sign on the key pad.


A workaround for getting the minus sign. in case you have not seen it already, is to first make the parameter negative via the minus button. 

But I agree that a minus sign on the keypad for parameters would be both easier to use and more intuitive.