DM1 Header Frame Error Code List

Nick Pridham 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 years ago 1

Can somebody help me with where to find a list of DM1 header frame errors please ? SPNS are not evaluated and all read(-1).  

Image 1293


Not sure what you mean by "header frame" ?

The red status on the IQAN DM1 channel and the value 5 means that there are currently 5 active faults.

The channel value -1 on the SPN channels means there is no active fault for that SPN. When there is an active fault, the channel value becomes the FMI.

If you have an MD4, you can use the DM1 viewer feature. It was introduced at the same time as the DM2 viewer, but unlike the DM2 viewing you don't have to enable it for it to work. These features are described with some pictures in this post