ability to tie multiple CAN networks/bus to a single CAN port

ksilovich 6 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Dave R 4 years ago 4

It would be nice to have the ability to tie multiple CAN networks/bus to a single CAN port on an MC4x controller. 

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I have application where I want to use an MC41 for a transmission controller.

The transmission is fully CAN controller via Generic 500kbps, but the engines (Chevy LS, Chrysler Hemi, or Cummins R2.8) to controller it can be J1939 or Generic CAN 500kbps.    

I only require that one of the CAN networks be active at one time.    I figured now with the Initialization Group it should be possible.   Have an adjust group tied to which CAN bus you want to activate and then that one is active on startup.  

This would also be great to have for the applications that don't have any J1939 channels but still want a G11 for trouble shooting and remote programming.  You can tie the enabling CAN bus to a Input and active the input to change from Generic to J1939 to allow the G11 communication. 

Do you guys think this would be possible?

The only solution I can think of is to change from MC41 to MC42 to get a 3rd CAN bus where the G11 can run its 250 kbps CAN.

If the J1939 500 kpbs and Generic 500 kpbs don't have conflicting ID:s, then this suggestion might be a solution for a future improvement: https://forum.iqan.se/communities/1/topics/1110-j1939-generic-on-the-same-bus

They don't have the same rate.  The J1939 will always be 250k and the generic is always 500k. 
The issue I have with the MC42 is cost and physical size.  The MC41 price point is were I would need to be at to make a go of this project.  And seeing as alot of the software back end is there already, i wasn't sure if this is something could be supported in the near future.    

If you could make the G11 work on a Generic can that would also help my issue. As I can just have 2 programs for right now, one with a J1939 engine, and then one for a Generic 500k bus with a G11 on it.   As the transmission will always be a 500k Generic bus. 

Any chance has this been looked into.  I have an application that I could be using quite a few of these MC41 if I can have both can ports set up as Generic 500kbs, but iqan wont let me do that.   The MC42 is out of my price range for this project. 

Could you put both the Generic CAN's on the same bus? So 'A' would be for 250kbps and 'B' would be for 500kbps. Or would having the engine and the transmission on the same bus cause issues.