Iqan Design and 4K display scaling issue

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You probably already know that but just in case.  I use a multi screen set-up with 1x4K Display and  1xFull HD display as set-up for my work station.  Both displays are set with different scaling for text so my old eyes can read. 

When editing properties in IQanDesgin in the 4k display, the edit box location does not properly line-up with property title and the font size does not match the box height making it very difficult and sometimes impossible to edit.  Problem become more and more profound as you go down the list of properties . Probably the other programs have similar issues also but I rarely use them on the Work station so I cannot comment.

Uncharacteristic.  Did not get any comment/response from you.  The problem is still very real.  just fighting  it now.  Below are some screen shots.  Key issue identified:

1) When trying to edit a value the Font size is bigger than the text box.  we have to guess the text we trying to enter.

2) When dragging Window across the two screen system is having a caniption fit.  It finally re-scale but takes a full two minutes to resolve.  Meanwhile window is locked(Not responding)

3) I made the Property window more than 50% of my 4k Screen.  dragged to the window to the HD screen set in Portrait mode.  now property window is wider than the Whole screen could not resize it.  MOved the Window back to the 4K screen.  Now Property window shows but I cannot adjust.  Do not get cursor to adjust.  Had to close the App and restart.  now resized to 1/3 of 4K screen.

Navigation tool: Box not sized properly for Font
Cannot adjust Property box after

Which monitor is defined as primary monitor in Windows? The size of some Windows elements like main menu and drop down menus are determined by the primary monitor when logging in. Others are able to change during runtime. For example if docking a computer or attaching an external screen after logging in it might help to log out and back in again.


I am not 100% sure I fully understand what you mean by "primary monitor in Window".  in Screen setting, the 4K monitor is defined as the primary monitor.  my set-up is as follow:

- Laptop Lenovo 15" with Full HD screen:  Screen is disabled

- 4K Screen connected via HDMI set as primary,  default scaling 150% (window recommended) set in Landscape mode

- Full HD screen connected via USB to DVI adapter scaling 100%, set to portrait mode

I do not have a docking station per say.  

I also sometimes use the laptop in the field using the laptop screen.

When I used the "Docked" version, I have boot and  log into the computer through the main 4K screen as effectively the System does not handle properly the transition from Field to Dock.

Scaling of the application does not appear to be consistent.  For example here a screen shot of the application this morning.  same program as the one shown on the second picture:

You will notice:

1) the MD4 device and all the text in the main window are much smaller than last time. Font size of the application is much smaller than the font size of property or navigator pane.

2) in the property window, when I try to edit the value, the Font is larger than the box and off centered compare to the label.

Using 5.03 at this time.  looking to upgrade to 5.04 but this is another topic.

Here is another example of the issue.  Look at the property tab.  Value box for the font size looks the right size but it is way off position with the label:

Which version are you using? It does not look like the latest one (which is 5.04). In this version there has been some improvements on high DPI screens. Also the zoom tool has been introduced in most views.

currently using 5.03 on this unit as I cannot upgrade to 5.04.


I just upgraded to IQan5.04 and I like the Zoom feature but we still have issues with the Property inspection box.  Below are some Samples:

In fact the Value box relative position and size varies depending on the line the value is on.

The first one is OK in position and size.  The second one is Ok in Size but if way off in position:

The third line and the subsequent one are almost align correctly but the box is 1/2 the size it needs to be on the High side:


Thanks for the samples. We are constantly working on improving the behavior of high DPI screens. And Microsoft is constantly working on changing how high DPI screens are supported in Windows... 

Until we have resolved the scaling issues you could tell Windows to override our scaling settings and let Windows handle the scaling. Open the properties for IQANdesign program:

- Right click on IQANdesign in start menu.

- Select More > Open file location

- Right click on IQANdesign shortcut and select properties.

- Click Compatibility > Change high DPI settings

- Select "Override high DPI scaling behavior" and e.g. "System (Enhanced)" (or try which setting works best for you)


We experienced a similar problem with a Microsoft Surface (4k, I think).  Clicking on a channel would cause the other channels to jump to a new location on the screen.  Overriding the high DPI scaling with the "System (Enhanced)" setting fixed this problem.

I have a Microsoft surface pro and have changed the DPI scaling. It seemed to fix the scaling issue when I simulate. But not when I’m on the machine running Measure in IQAN design 5.04 the scaling issue returns. My channel locations go crazy. If I click on a different function group and then click back on the function group I started the measure in, the channels return back to there starting locations on the screen. It’s annoying but it works.

What you describe with channel positions sound like the issue reported here: https://forum.iqan.se/communities/1/topics/1575-jumping-global-channels-makes-a-mess

This is fixed in 5.04.13 released this week. 

There is still work remaining on the high-DPI scaling, planned for 5.05.


Improved DPI awareness in 6.00

The same fix will come in 5.05 release also (later release date)


I know you have marked this Fixed and it has improved a lot.  But still having issues more of the annoyance level than real bug but...

My Set-up includes a laptop with 14" wide screen 1920 x 1080 and 2 1920x1200 24" monitors.

Scing on 2 and 3 is 100%, and 125% on #1.

When I work on top left #3, the left edge of the Project explorer is not showing correctly the edge is otside of the screen window:

You will notice this only applies to the project manager pane.  the Top window is properly centered window size.

It also happen if I work on the Bototm laptop screen:

However this does not happen if I work on the top right screen:

Just so you know...

As always thank you for your support.


or the bottom screen

BTW using 6.05 on windows Pro


Ignore previous comment.. Failed to notice  the Slider on the bottom of the Project explorer.  works much better when set to the left :)