Jumping global channels makes a mess!

Huddig Daniel 5 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Joe 5 years ago 4

When for example changing name on channels in the same function group where there are global channels present, the global channels move around, there may be other changes that make the same mess, please look this over as soon as possible!  

Satisfaction mark by Huddig Daniel 5 years ago

Thanks for submitting this Daniel. 

We figured out what is going on. There is a problem with the zoom function, if the zoom is not set to 100%, it will appear as if the "shadow" of a public scope channel moves after the rename operation. 

The actual coordinates in the project file are not changed, if you for example zoom in and back out everything will be in the right place again. Switch over to viewing another function group and back will also draw everything in the right place again. 

Another example of when the same problem occurs is when stopping a simulation, if the zoom is not set to 100%. If you then select a Qcode channel, it will redraw the channel and make it appear to be moved. Same workaround draws everything in the right place. 

We are working on fixing this, while also fixing some scaling issues with high DPI displays. 

I'm still getting some strange channel movements on my display after the latest update of 5.04.  Anyone else experiencing this?