Simulate Input and Output Statuses

Chris Litwin 6 months ago in IQANsimulate • updated 6 days ago 3

Is there a way to set the statuses for inputs and outputs in IQAN Simulate 5? I know I can set COUT channels, but that option is greyed out on all other channels.

No public key without license!

We have a number of sales and service providers who want to simulate Iqan in order to guide and show customers.
But in the free IqanSimulate5, you can not create a public key unless you have a license!
Will this change, and when?

Chris Litwin, have you had any luck with setting input status in IQANsimulate? It's always been greyed out for me too, but it would be really helpful if we could change the status while simulating.

No we haven't found any way to do it.