Connection to IQANconnect server

Brandon Devine 5 years ago in IQANconnect updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 4 years ago 6


I have been having trouble connecting remotely all day today. Sometimes i get this:

Image 1590

...and other times i am able to get through and connect. 

My thought is that maybe the server is having issues, but i have no quick way of knowing. 

Is there some sort of server status page that tells the current status that i am not able to find? or do i really have to contact someone at Parker or sift through the forums to figure that out?

Its pretty sad that i can find out with a quickness whether or not i can play playstation online tonight quicker than i can tell a customer whether or not they can connect to their machine in the field. 

You can see the status of the IQANconnect server via this page:


It doesn't appear to have been any downtime during the last week, the last recorded event was 2019-04-23. 

Total 5 minutes of downtime in the last 30 days. 

I am currently getting the same fault message as Brandon and checked the status with your link to the server. The status of the server says it is online without problems for days. 

I know that this is not a proxy/firewall setting. 

Can you offer any answers to what is happening even thought the status shows all is well?

I would like to request adding a server status light to the IQAN connect window for IQAN Design and IQAN Run. 


Thanks for reporting. 

I t's working now, but I checked and there was an issue some hours ago that prevented functionality, without crashing in a way that caused the server to stop responding to checks by  the Uptime robot. 

We'll need to improve the function that monitors the IQANconnect server. 


I am currently getting a "server error" on design when trying to connect to a machine in the field.

I have check the status web page and all is showing good still. 

I am needing to send an urgent update to a machine in the field.  


There was a server error on Saturday, but the server was still responding so the automatic check failed to see it, a colleague had to manually restart it. 

We are working on improving the server stability and automatic monitoring. 

Also worth mentioning regarding the error message "No reply from IQANconnect server."

You would get this if your PC isn't able to access the server, a problem that some people have had due to firewall restrictions; the PC must be able to access connect.iqan.se at port 443 (HTTPS)

(there is some discussion on this here)

But as this problem seemed to be more intermittent, that shouldn't be the issue.