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Native CANopen support

Peter Bo 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Jamy 4 months ago 9
Add dedicated CANopen channels to simplify implementation of CANopen communication. Also, support for EDS files would be nice.

It is any example for communication from CANopen to Siemens Simatic S7 1200 or EDS file for CM CANopen Module.


No, we can use IQAN master modules with CANopen devices suchs as radio remotes or sensors, when the IQAN module is the NMT master on the network, by implementing the necessary messages using the Generic CAN feature in IQAN.

But if you want to connect an IQAN master to an S7, that implies that that the S7 would be the master, and most probably require an eds file for configuring the CANopen communication.

To create that on an IQAN master, you would first have to set up a set of PDO:s and functions for responding to a minimal set of SDO:s, and then manually create an EDS file for this. There is no tool support for generating an EDS from an IQAN applicaton.


Any update on this?  I would vote for it a thousand times if I could.


How is it going with EDS support?

We see more and more CANopen equipment and it would be really nice to import an EDS file like we do with DBC.


Any updates to have EDS and CANOpen support?


Any updates to have EDS and CANOpen Support?