Text Project File to Support Revision Control Systems

Patrick Warden 5 years ago in IQANdesign 0

I would like to see support for text-based project files so that iQANdesign projects can be more easily used with an RCS like Git.  I wouldn't expect to see integrated support for Git from within iQANdesign, but just the ability to read and save back to a text-based project file.  

There is already support for saving to text (albeit using an explicit operation) so that you can use external tools to perform a diff:


However, because iQANdesign is unable to read (as far as I know) these text project files it prevents making use of other RCS features like merges.  Binary formats (when used with an RCS) are generally treated as direct replacements, whereas text allows a system to track more granular changes to a project which is invaluable for documentation purposes (i.e. seeing which portion of the code is changed vs. replacing one file for another and hoping that all of the changes were described somewhere...).

At my company, we use a git-based repository for many of our software projects so we can collaborate more easily across locations, and I see where this same ability would be useful for iQAN and (with the text-based save option) support is already partially there.